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Construction Services

The only way to give shape to our plans, related to real estate properties, is an effective and meticulous construction. If the construction of a house is perfect then it gives us satisfaction that our huge investment was fruitful. In this regard, we, Shiv Vandana Real Estate, provide the construction services to build strong and beautiful edifices.

We provide our construction services for residential, industrial and commercial properties like flats, apartments, offices, shopping complexes, etc. We use the latest material and machinery in our construction work to do effective work in less time. Rush to avail our services; we are located in Haryana, India.


Property Renovation

Nothing in this world has the ability to retain its original shape because wear and tear is the fate of ephemeral things. If you are thinking about your home after reading the preceding line, then there is good news for you. Shiv Vandana Real Estate is a company famous for its property renovation work. With our renovation services, your house will look new and beautiful like it was when you bought it. We provide the best renovation and remolding work for every kind of residential, commercial and industrial properties. So, rush for our services and give your property a fresh and splendid look; we are located in Haryana, India.

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